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LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition

Photograph of LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition
  • Photograph of LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition
  • Photograph of LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition
  • Photograph of LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition
  • Photograph of LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition

Gifted and visionary designers of the most iconic furniture sometimes add to the value of special pieces by only crafting only a limited number of that outstanding item. Which is what happened with this hugely inviting LC3 Grand Confort chair. This fine example of mid century modern furniture was felt to be so ‘singular’ in its features and construction, that producing large manufacturing runs would not do it justice.

For additional information about the LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair please read our November 2019 blog entry: “LC3 Limited Edition chair: musings on a Mid Century modern masterpiece, that’s achingly obvious!

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LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition

LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition £1190.00 (inc VAT) Available to order, delivery in 6 – 8 weeks

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The Full Story

Consequently, there were only 500 of this LC3 Grand Confort chairs ever produced, making it massively sought after and highly collectable. This decision also served to send prices for an original LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair into the stratosphere, of course. Fortunately, you could now have your own version of this rare and deliciously-comfortable chair, for a far more accessible price.

This is thanks to the design and engineering excellence of the firms we partner with, and our bona fide credentials for offering perfect replicas with proper copyright authority, and industry knowledge. In the case of the LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair, we can offer licensed replicas that are indiscernible from the original standout seat. This also means that you can buy your own wonderful piece of furniture design history, made to modern manufacturing standards.

Why was this LC3 Grand Confort chair made in small numbers?

One glance at this particular LC3 Grand Confort chair and you can see why its unique aesthetics and construction were contained to a shorter than normal production tally. The range it ‘sits’ within are all pleasing to the eye but also superior items to hold the rest of your body too!

This particular design from the range is wonderfully different though. This is largely as a result of the interplay between the strongly geometric metal frame, and the sumptuous cushions which feature a highly complementary pairing of soft tan leather outer surfaces, and warm canvas internal surfaces. The appearance and tactile effect almost suggest that you can climb ‘inside’ the cushions, to be truly nestled and nurtured in the chair’s beguiling embrace.

The chair’s generously proportioned dimensions (63cm x 99cm x 73cm) and carefully calculated seat height (45cm) make this LC3 Grand Confort chair an excellent choice for people of all body sizes and shapes. Just as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (better known as Le Corbusier) envisioned when he first designed this superb structure, the chair provides just the right amount of ‘give’ in the cushions, with a firm frame to hold the occupant safe and straight. There’s more on this Swiss-French designer’s inspiration, and the history of the LC3 Grand Confort chair, below.

Components and structural features

The LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair is manufactured using a tubular, supportive frame to shape the user’s posture into ergonomically preferable lines. This strong chair base also looks incredibly smart, with its light grey, lacquered metal offering a pleasing contrast to the ‘lightness’ of the piece’s core structure.

Within the metal cradle rests those plump, luscious cushions for the seat, back and armrests. They simply beg to envelop the user. These sumptuous cushions are upholstered in a soft natural tan aniline leather. The interior surface of the cushions is crafted from fine quality canvas. It is this play on shade and texture that makes the LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair look so refreshingly unique.

The cushions are feather filled and combined with their soft leather and canvas combination covering offer a warmth and cosiness that are incomparable. It probably goes without saying, that Iconic Interiors has assessed and tested this item extremely thoroughly before putting our name to it. That includes ensuring – as always – that the materials used for the creation of the LC3 Grand Confort Limited Edition chair are of the finest quality. Not only do they look and feel superb, they are also robust and able to stand up to the extensive and prolonged use that this chair richly deserves.

Antecedence of the LC3 Limited Edition chair

Much of the value of fine furniture can be found not just in what you see today as a result of bringing together quality craftsmanship and high calibre materials. The worth of items is often embedded in their design genius and golden heritage. Which makes this product description incomplete without outlining the story behind the highly sought after LC3 Grand Confort chair, which started life in 1928. It is largely attributed to Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier). However, the concept of Grand Confort armchairs appears to have been a sharing of minds between Le Corbusier, his colleague Pierre Jeanneret (who was also his cousin) and French designer Charlotte Perriand.

They saw the idea of metal frames containing a cushion basket as the evolutionary alternative to the extremely common club chairs. As our profile on Le Corbusier shows, the impetus behind this was simple facts, and mathematics. The primary designer felt that people should have beautiful seating (and buildings of course) to match their needs and lifestyles. In fact, he felt that good design provides access to a better standard of living. Le Corbusier also invested his passion for proportionality and life enhancement theories into his architecture, as well as furniture design projects.

The imprint of his innovative viewpoint is clear to see in the LC3 Grand Confort chair. It reflects his desire to make items that are an extension of the human form, supported by perfectly proportioned structures. Le Corbusier’s drive to create stunning but functional furniture results in two similar chairs - the LC3 (sometimes referred to as the grand modele) and LC2 (the petit modele). The LC3 was purposed around relaxation, in a cushioned, wide form that was soft enough to adjust your seated position to suit your own preferences.

The LC2 was designed for more formal posture. It invites the occupant to sit more upright – though comfortably – with its narrower form and a more alleviated seat to floor ratio. Once created, Le Grand Confort’s proportionally perfect concept stimulated a highly popular range of chairs and sofas. Then, came the genius idea of adding even greater comfort and aesthetically value to the LC3, by intricately combining soft tan leather, with canvas. The aim was to make this item in the range the ultimate answer to the question “Are you sitting comfortably?

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